Hello 2012!

Another start of the new year!

The beginning of the year is always an exciting time as we look forward into the year ahead. It's full of possibilities! What do I want to do? What goals to set for myself? Where do I want to travel?
As always, before looking at the new year, I always like to take a look at my past resolutions. 2011 marked some important milestones in my life. Bought a car, bought a house, did reno work, traveled to Europe for photo-shoot, and got married. It had been endless list of to-dos and projects.

2011 Resolution #10: Pick up meditation.
FAIL. Somehow this one fell off the radar very early on. Tried it for a while, but lost steam. I recognize it's a good habit to develop. I may look at this again in 2012.

2011 Resolution #9: Sunday is Lunch with Family day.
SUCCESS! I think this is due to constant reminder of my wife.. Yes, I can say happily that in 2011, I've spent more time with family :)

2011 Resolution #8: Friday and Saturday is Connect with Friends day.
FAIL. I think I've failed big time on this. Mainly because throughout the whole year, I've been busy with the wedding and stuffs :(

2011 Resolution #7: Get rid of clutter @Home.
FAIL/ somewhat. I moved to a new house! So while my old room is still messy, my new place is neat and tidy! :)

2011 Resolution #6: Stretch 30 consecutive days.  
SUCCESS! I did stretch 30 consecutive days at the beginning of the year. But I quickly realise firstly that stretching does not necessarily means I become more flexible, and secondly, 30 days is not enough :(

2011 Resolution #5: Round-off into back-handspring.
FAIL. First, my wife torn her ligament. Then I hurt my wrists. These two events cut short my goal.

2011 Resolution #4: No food after 10pm.
FAIL. For the whole year? Who am I kidding?

2011 Resolution #3: Read 24 self-help/business books.
FAIL. Stopped tracking amongst the busy schedule of my wedding planning.

2011 Resolution #2: Have a great wedding.
SUCCESS. We had a great wedding this year on 11.11.11 :)

2011 Resolution #1: Start my family. 
SUCCESS. We moved into our new home :)

Overall, in terms of number of goals achieved, this has got to be one of the worst performing year in the past decade. However, considering that much of my time and effort was spent on the wedding and the new house, I must say it was a great year for me :)


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